Friday Aug 8 @ 06:16am
Sunday Jul 7 @ 06:22am
Even if we’re married for 23 years,
I still want you to flirt with me.
A novel written by me. (via princessariel2323) Sunday Jul 7 @ 06:21am

They will always ask
if it is still you.
I will say no.

I am lying.
It is still you.
It was

Michelle K., About You. (via michellekpoems) Sunday Jul 7 @ 06:21am
Sunday Jul 7 @ 06:21am
I wanna see you but you’re not mine. Undo, The 1975 (via 400eurojob) Monday Jul 7 @ 07:31am


I want you kinda drunk, sorta high and completely on top of me with your tongue in my mouth

Monday Jul 7 @ 07:31am
A person who is nice to you, but rude to the waiter, is not a nice person. Dave Barry (via timmysenpai) Monday Jul 7 @ 07:30am

Got em like


Got em like

Monday Jul 7 @ 07:26am

i just want to sit on your lap and make out for like eight hours

Monday Jul 7 @ 07:25am


boys with dark hair and pretty blue eyes fuck me up on a daily basis

Monday Jul 7 @ 07:24am
Monday Jul 7 @ 07:23am
Monday Jul 7 @ 07:20am


I may not be 5 gum but I can still stimulate your senses.

Monday Jul 7 @ 07:19am




Saturday Jul 7 @ 05:35am
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